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Yo! Aah, this is unfortunate... Well, this and that came up, so it seems I can't answer the phone right now! I'm definitely not trying to ignore you, so please leave a message for me instead, OK?

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[Before he wakes up, Hizumi will remember this dream vividly. If he wants to keep it to himself or share it with the others is entirely up to him, but he'll have to describe it in his own words;]

Bright light. The sky is clear as the hottest summer's day, and the air is salty and humid. Nearby, there's two lounge chairs...and a chess game.
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The chess board appears to be already set in motion, there are pieces taken and removed on both sides. The figurine seem to be normal, standard pieces. One side has a black couch, the other white. The waves continue to move, the breeze moving his hair slightly.

"You're not sitting down?" a voice behind him inquires, poking at his back. The voice is soft, almost soothing.
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"It might have already started, but you're a part of it, aren't you?"

Before he could say anything else, one of the black pieces flew into his hand, landing and turning into a facsimile of himself, as a cheap plastic toy from a dollar store. It might remind him of the various memorabilia of the Visitors around the city. Crude, not quite good, but still recognizable.

"I think it's only far!" the voice added.
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He blinks, and the piece returns to its original look as normal. His side chosen, someone takes the other white seat, jumping up to hoist themselves, before placing both her tiny little hands on the table.

Now he can see her clearly; a girl no more than a few years old. She grins back at him, brown hair and piggy-tails swishing as she keeps looking from the table to him.

"What's your name, mister?"
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Everything is awesome when you're in a dream!

"I'm..." she opens her mouth excitedly. "I'm....I...I forget" She sits back to her seat, pouting, but looking sad, her elbow scrapping the side of the chair a little too fast. "Owww!"
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"It stings..." she winces, pointing to the red part of her elbow. There's a tiny bit of blood, but nothing too damaging. "Don't worry I'll be fine. But for some reason...I'm more worried about you, mister."
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She points to the chessboard, as the pieces begin to scatter, move by themselves again. While those on the black side seem to follow the rules, the white pieces don't appear to be very chess-like.

"You're all being pushed around. Maybe I know something, and that's why I can't remember my name..."
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She holds up her hands in defense. The teasing might have completely gone over her head.

"Oh no no mister! That's not me! I've just been watching them when they come here. Sometimes the pieces just move too...I've been stuck here for a while. You're the first Visitor I've seen here with my own eyes!"
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"In this place," she explains. "I dunno why. It's not bad, but it does get boring when I'm alone." She looks downwards sadly for a few seconds before perking up again.

"H-hey mister! Do you you mind giving me a name?"
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"It's okay. There's still the water close by, and sometimes others come, like I mentioned...they talk to me a bit too."

She looks at him, hopeful.

"Oh yeah, I do want to find out! But...having a temporary name would at least give me something to call myself..."
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...Oh goodness, it looks like she's about to cry--No wait, never mind. She's crying.

"Waaaaah! Mister, that's a beautiful name! You're too kind! Thank you! Thank you! I'll make sure to tell everyone else that comes in here to call me that, I promise!"
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"Okay!" She nods back at him, using her hands to dry away her tears, before she looks behind him, suddenly worried.

"Oh no, the board fell down!" Indeed, the entire chess set had fallen into the sand, half buried. "I'm gonna have to set it up before they show up again...but I'll make sure that they call me by Hikari this time!"

As she moved to stand up, there was a noise far off into the ocean, a creature howling.

"Ahhh...I guess you have to leave now."
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"The others that come here like I said before!"

She turns towards the ocean.

"It's sad...I don't know it much, but even if it looks like a giant monster, it's actually really sweet! I think it's just is afraid that you'll try to harm me, but it doesn't know better. I'll talk to it so it understands, okay?"

She puts her tiny hands to one of his.

"Here, take this, meanwhile! It's a gift!"

> Obtained a small silver key.

"I don't know what it's for, but the man with the butterfly mask gave me to me a while ago, and said to give it to the first visitor that shows up. He said you'd be able to find what it unlocks..."

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